King and Kennedy Weren’t Friends, but They Were Bound by History

New York Times
April 4, 2018
“Just because two people live at the same time, and are engaged in two different worlds, and talk to each other 10 times during the course of their lives,” Kathleen Kennedy Townsend cautioned David Margolick, “does not make a book.” But Mr. Margolick is a stubbornly contrarian journalist. So despite Ms. Townsend’s skepticism, he was game when the filmmaker Lawrence Schiller suggested that this seductive paradigm of two opposites whose legacies not only intersected but were also bound together would, indeed, make a book. As a journalist himself, Mr. Schiller photographed those two contemporaneous figures — the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, Ms. Townsend’s father. Read more…
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