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Watch art and history come alive every day at New-York Historical! Learn about the past and engage with your community through our digital audio and video resources.


The New-York Historical Society makes history matter every day by bringing you engaging educational programs, intellectually stimulating lectures, thought-provoking exhibitions, and fascinating stories in art and history that you never knew. As a public resource for learning, New-York Historical works to offer audio and video digital resources where possible. Our Media Page brings you select programs and events as well as fun facts and deep dives into topics about the history of the United States through the eyes of its cultural nucleus, New York City.


What is the value of a dedicated Bill of Rights to the Constitution, and how does it protect the rights of U.S. residents today?


Learn how the Constitution was created, how it governs the United States and how it can be amended!


How did ancient Athenians arrive at democracy as the form of government for their city-state? Learn about the different forms of government in Athens including monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny and democracy and the effects of each on the city.


Explore what citizenship meant in both ancient Athens and the United States, including who had the right to be a citizen and who did not.


Learn about the mechanics of voting in ancient Athens, including how citizens voted, what sorts of things they voted on, and the use of ostracism as a check on the power of Athenian citizens.


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